One in six children in the world between the ages of 5 and 14 is forced into child labour


Hands Across the World's mission is to tackle the atrocities of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and human slave labour through education programs. Empowerment of the local people and prevention of these outrageous crimes.


The main means through which we aim to achieve this is education. We believe education is the great equalizer and the key to preventing human trafficking, forced labour and sexual exploitation. It also provides opportunities by empowering people to create a brighter future for the whole community.


The United Nations sustainable development goal number 4, our vision and mission and our solution are interlinked.

UNSD - Goal 4:Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.


Our main focus in achieving this is teacher training. Our Interactive Teacher Training Program is for dedicated and determined teachers who cannot afford any further studies due to the remoteness of their village, poverty and/or marginalization. We make it possible.

What has our vision of a world without sexual exploitation, human slave labour and human trafficking to do with teacher training, you might ask?


Human traffickers prey on people who are poor, isolated and without choices. Issues such as dis-empowerment, social exclusion and economic vulnerability are the result of policies and practices that marginalize entire groups of people and make them particularly vulnerable to being trafficked.  


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It is our belief that if QUALITY education is given to every child in a safe environment through QUALIFIED teachers, they will have the chance to choose a better path in their future.


We believe that quality education is the game changer. It provides opportunities and empowers the people to create a brighter future especially for children.


We do this through our:

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We have worked in disadvantaged communities in Cambodia delivering quality education programs aimed at empowering children and supporting teacher training. Since 2013, we have constructed and initiated two schools, one of which included an extensive library, trained 24 teachers from 9 schools covering 2008 students, and provided schools books and other stationary to 200 students.


After we built and equipped these schools, we learnt that NO SCHOOL is worth anything without WELL TRAINED STAFF. So the "Interactive Teacher Training" program was born. The demand for it following our pilot program was overwhelming. So we want to keep it going!

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An investment into education pays the best interest!