One in six children in the world between the ages of 5 and 14 is forced into child labour

We at Hands Across the World have made it our mission to tackle the atrocities of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and human slave labour. Education is just one way to make an impact. It’s a promising way with a sustainable outcome.  

The Interactive Teacher Training started as a collaboration including some great input of other Non-Government-Organisations and individuals. To make it lasting and sustainable HATW now fully takes over the management and organisation of the course.

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We are working to make this number 0!

We at Hands Across the World (HATW) are working to utilize educational programs in a safe and secure learning  environment to prevent human trafficking, forced labour and sexual exploitation in disadvantaged communities.


We believe that quality education is the game changer. It provides opportunities and empowers the people to create a brighter future especially for children.


We do this through our:

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An investment into education pays the best interest!