Show off your skills

We are always on the look-out for like-minded individuals and helping hands from across the globe. 


First and for most you can educate yourself about the issue and become an advocate for protection of children against human trafficking, forced labour and sexual exploitation.


It doesn’t always take money. Sometimes caring and speaking out about a problem is just as important!

You can also lend your knowledge and skills across a variety of fields from graduates, to web designers, event planners to life coaches, interpreters or administrative professionals. Whatever you think you can contribute, give us a shout at:



If you are passionate about education and about one or all of our projects you can donate money towards our projects. To donate now click here.

If what you’ve read so far resonates with you can become a HAtW volunteer. If you'd like to volunteer with us or if you have any questions regarding volunteering with us drop us a quick hi at for an information pack!

There will only be development, growth and change with the help of new ideas and innovative people. Let us help you to put your great ideas into action in the world of charity and philanthropy!


There are endless opportunities to have an amazing fundraising event! 


Please see the Hands Across the World Go Fundraise page for more information.