Hands Across the World has been working in Cambodia since 2013 with the aim of making quality education available to all children in an effort to create a sustainable, happy and healthy future for disadvantaged communities. A snapshot of all our present and past projects is given below. If you would like to know more about any project or donate to any of our projects contact us today at info@hands-across-the-world.org!

Interactive Teacher Training 


Setting up 2 schools in Cambodia gave us first hand insight into the quality of teaching in Cambodia. Initially our talented volunteers were teaching the children, however engaging volunteers from half way across the world is not a long term solution.


Keeping this in mind we identified a need to develop teaching skills locally to help make provision of education independent, so that this is a self-sufficient process and not dependent on any external organizations. Towards this we have launched interactive teacher training in Siem Reap that is being very well received. Read more about this project here.

Community Development


One of our main priorities is to consider the needs of the communities we are working in. It would be naïve to assume that we know what different communities and people require - their culture and situations are often different from ours. Therefore, surveys are periodically distributed among community members to find out their needs and wants for their children. Check out the results of our last survey here.

Kimheak/Hands Across the World School


The Kimheak/Hands Across the World School was one of our bigger projects and one that is really close to our heart since it gives us to work at the grassroots to combat human trafficking, forced labour and sexual exploitation, by providing education to the youth of Cambodia.


The school was in large part due to the continuous efforts of Mr. Kimheak a tuk tuk driver dedicated to offering education to his village children so that they wouldn’t have to grow up in poverty as most of the locals of Siem Reap currently are. To facilitate Kimheak's efforts, Hands Across the World provided resources, including lesson plans, a library, curriculum, school supplies, books, pens and sponsorship for Mr. Kimheak to further his own education. Recently the school and its day-to-day operation has been handed over to the local community, in particular Mr. Kimheak to carry forward the great work. Read more about this project here. 

Lending a Helping Hand  


Although HAtW primarily works in the domain of protection of children against exploitation, we recognize that we are not working alone in a vacuum. In the communities where we work there are times there is sometimes a need for immediate intervention to eradicate atrocities in real time, even though they might only inderiectly be linked to our core objectives. We just didn't want to look away.


Last year it was the Water on Wheels - Disaster relief and this year its lending a helping hand to a young girl and her siblings who are living in extremely poor and abusive conditions.  Read more about these interventions here. 

The Library


Hands Across the World undertook the development of a sustainable community library in Siem Reap in 2016. The building is complete, the shelves are in, the first books are being read and now we aim to stock the shelves to the brim with exciting and new book.  If you have any children's books for ages 4-17 years and don't know what to do with them, please contact us immediately. These books will be highly appreciated and make over 200 children extremely happy!


We believe that a child can never have too many books! To donate please contact us on info@hands-across-the-world.org. Read more about this project here.


Future Leadership Program


We at HAtW recognize that future leaders can be found everywhere. It is paramount that people with leadership capabilities are fostered so that they can go on to become leaders and agents of change within their communities. 



Initially we made scholarships available to further educate talented students who showed initiative and aptitude to become successful  future "helping hands". More recently we have identified some more future leaders during our Interactive Teacher Training Program and we hope to help them transition into teaching assistants for our future training batches. Find out more about this project here.