Community Development

One of our main priorities is to consider the needs of the communities we are working in. We can't assume we know what everyone requires - their culture and situations are  often different to ours. 


Therefore, before we embark on any new project we distribute surveys to local community members. These surveys ask the community members what they want and need for their children, and their expectations from Hands Across the World. This approach helps us deliver community centered and community directed programs targeting key needs.


Our latest survey aimed to gauge the community interest regarding the Interactive Teacher Training. Check out the findings of this survey below. The results highlight how important it is to find out what is really needed.

This shows the necessity of an ESL based training curriculum

This shows that the NGO teachers teach beginners English, because their level of teaching is not up to scratch to teach intermediate or advanced. The problem here is that the students get stuck at Beginners level most of the time because the teachers don't progress. We trust ITTSR can change this

This shows the necessity of more than one teacher training class. We need to split the students into their level of English so we make sure they understand the trainer or are being trained by Khmer staff. This is something we learnt in our pilot.

Past Findings