Future Leadership Program

We at HAtW recognize that future leaders can be found everywhere. It is paramount that people with leadership capabilities are fostered so that they can go on to become leaders and agents of change within their communities. 


One such future leader that we met during the establishment of the HAtW School is Sopheak. Read about Sopheak's story below.

Sopheak is one of our talented and invaluable helpers ("Honourable Hands") in Cambodia. His initiative and determination to help the children in his country makes him a  great addition to the Hands Across the World team.


We met Sopheak in the initial stage of our project in Cambodia and he has been a huge part of turning it into a success story.


Now we are working closely with the Australian Centre of Education in Siem Reap to provide further academic education to the most talented students of the 'School of Kimheak'.


These students will then pass their knowledge onto other children of the school, and so, a student becomes a teacher.