Kimheak/Hands Across the World School

Cambodia is a country filled with beauty, laughter and overwhelming experiences. However you can't overlook the poverty of its people and the struggle they go through, as they seek to build a better future. This is what we saw travelling through this country - we wanted to see for ourselves, what we can do to make a change. We found a small village with a tuk tuk driver dedicated to offering education to his village children.


Our experiences changed our lives and we began to actively make a positive change in the lives of others.


In Siem Reap half of the population lives in poverty, especially in rural communities where education is hard to access. This is due to education costs or sometimes the way to school, which can be too long and dangerous, especially during the monsoon season. Many children work to support their families instead of going to school to receive education that is necessary for a better future.


When we met Mr. Kimheak, we were amazed by the work he was doing...



Bong Kimheak is a self taught, English speaking tuk-tuk driver who has initiated the teaching of English to the village children.


To facilitate Kimheak's efforts, Hands Across the World provided resources, including school supplies, books, pens and sponsorship for Kimheak to further his own education. With our support he can focus solely on advancing his school and teaching techniques.


When Hands Across the World first met with Kimheak there were 60 children attending the afternoon English classes. Now there are two classes in the morning and seven in the afternoon, and the number of of students rapidly grew to 228.


These classes were held with the help of Cambodian volunteer teachers and HAtW volunteers from all over the world. 


We implemented a curriculum, lesson schedules, teacher training, attendance lists, new English books for each child and a computer laboratory.

At the starting of 2017 the school was handed over to the Khmer people, who are now proudly and self-sufficiently running their own school!

Volunteer Accommodation

In addition to the other facilities that were established in the school complex HATW also constructed a volunteer accommodation, situated on the school premises and especially built for our committed and world-changing volunteers who helped building, equipping and teaching in this school. 


The construction work was carried out by the local people, which provided short term employment to the local community. The accommodation is now used for Khmer teachers who travel long distances to teach these village children.