We train the teachers with the help of QUALIFIED TEACHER TRAINERS to implement quality teaching techniques and a sustainable outcome focus. These teachers then spread their skills and knowledge within their remote community schools to the children. One professionally educated teacher educates a whole village school. These students then move away from the potential danger of human trafficking, sexual exploitation and human slave labour. These students will have better opportunities in life.


Prevention through education.

Empowerment through education. 


Our classes contain of 20-25 teachers." The effect of the teacher training is widely spread.


ITSSR was a collaboration of existing NGOs, social enterprises and highly qualified individuals when the project started in 2016.

We created a 6 months curriculum and were working with more than 15 experienced teachers and trainers, all volunteers at the time.

We created a training template for trainers; this helped us with the transfer of the knowledge base from one trainer to the other. HATW now fully runs the course to make it more impactful and sustainable.


We provide teacher training to anyone who is working or volunteering at a non-government school with little or no formal teacher training.


This is a 6 months interactive, high quality teacher training course, weekly on Saturdays from 1-4pm. We get to know you as a teacher and visit you at your school during the course to determine a useful and sustainable implementation of the course.  Your struggles, aims and needs as a teacher are being evaluated and taken into consideration in this course.

“My students are more excited and attendance has improved in last 6 months – they want to come to class now.” Phyrom, Hands of Hope teacher (trainee)



“I would like to have more training like this. It's really changed the way of my teaching.” Sokha, Light of Nations teacher (trainee)

These great NGOs, social enterprises and individuals helped starting the 'Interactive Teacher Training in Siem Reap' :

Erynne Hobbs, Alyson Morris, Jennifer Gwynn, Richard Waddell