Alyson Morris



Alyson is from England in the UK and has been living in Cambodia for five years now. Her teaching Career started eleven years ago after retraining from working in the Business sector. She thaught for few years in the UK then moved to China where she was a Director of Studies of a Young learner English Language school for four years. After falling in love with Cambodia she moved to Siem Reap and has been working at an English Language School ever since. She has experience of teaching all ages, across many disciplines and has experience in Recruiting, Training and developing teachers.



´My driving passion in live is to empower people with education so that they are then able to pass on that knowledge and skills and impact positive change and development in society. It all starts with education and I am proud to be leading this course.` 

Gemma Marshall

 Fundraising and Communications Consultant 

Gemma supports the Team with Fundraising and Communications. She has 15 years´experience in this field and has worked for National NGO´s in the UK before working for a large NGO in Namibia. She has lived in Cambodia for the last 5 years and currently supports several NGO´s and small businesses. From early in life she knew she wanted to work with NGO´s and support Projects that leave the world a better place.


`I love Living in Cambodia, it is such a Vibrant and inspiring place. I love working with NGO´s here who are supporting students and teachers to get a better education and reach their dreams´


Phorn Chean

Teacher Trainer

He originates from Battambang Province. He began his teaching Career from 2007 to 2010 then he returned to his sector in 2017 to follow his heart. He started by teaching English to Young Cambodian students in the outskirts of Battambang Province to a small English School known as Cambodia Center in 2007 and high school students for the USA international School and an Organization called Cabodian Vision Development from 2008 to 2009. In 2010, he thaught English to high School and University students for the Angkor Language School and the Newton Thilay School where he last thaught English in his hometown. He finally made up his mind to return to his occupation then restarted his teaching at the ACE (Australian Centre of Education) in 2017 until now.

`One of my dreams is to teach English to Cambodian compatriots specifically those who can help spread their English Knowledge to other Cambodians. That´s why I decided to take part in ITTSR to fulfill my wish and Passion. I am really optimistic About the Impact of this Program.`